Dark Shades 15g 

15g twist pack  each has a mix of multiple shades of the chosen colours in min 2g twists these have an average staple length between 9-12 inches which means they are very versatile.

Ideal for when you just need a small amount of mixed colours or just want to try your hand at felting.

These are available in different colours please choose the colour you would like from each pack will be different depending on what colours I have in stock you will get a mix of at least 5-6 different colours each weighing a min of 2g
Some of our packs include 

Autumn (oranges, Browns,reds and yellows)

Red (shades an tones of reds,pinks oranges and purples)

Green (shades of greens, turquoise to emerald)

Blues (from sky to denim and shades inbetween may contain some purples and blue-greens)

Neutrals (from flesh tones to whites, Browns greys even black)

Rainbow (a mix of bright colours)

Pastel (a mix of pastel shades)

Surprise (a mix of brights pastels and all inbetween)

If you can't see a mix that appeals please message me and I can make a custom twist pack to suit your requirements.

Once you have purchased I will send you a message to ask which pack you would like for quicker dispatch please message me which pack you would like directly after purchase.

Dark shades 15g wool pack

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