Felting Needles 5 pk

Felting Needles 5 pk

5 Pack Mixed Felting Needles choose from 
5 x 36 Triangle 
5 x 38 star 
5 x 38 crown
5 x 38 spiral
5 x 40 triangle 
5 x 40 spiral 
5 x 40 star 
5 x40 reverse 
5 x 43 triangle 
5 x 46 triangle 
1 each of 36 triangle 
38 star
40 triangle
43 triangle
46 triangle 

Triangular needles have downward facing barbs along each their 3 edges. If you're not sure what size to get then we recommend the 36 gauge as being a good general use size. 38 gauge star is ideal for a quicker felt as it has extra sides and barbs with the 38 being finer it is an ideal next step needle for your project. 40 gauge is ideal for finishing work and 43 and 46 are the finest gauges we stock ideal for finer details. These are more delicate for small details and can leave little trace of holes on the finished project. Reverse are used to create a fluff effect. Crown needles are used to root hair for dolls as they have a single barb. 

These needles allow the pre-felting process to take place without the need for soap and water, as well as being used to create 3D forms. To do this they have a series of barbs along the working edge that grab the fibres and move them around. They are produced in different thickness gauges; the larger the needle gauge the finer the needle. 

Whilst all of the needles will tolerate a small amount of bending, too much and they will break. As such a straight in and-and-out action will ensure a long life for the needle. A well used needle will wear out the barbs before

All our needles are high quality European manufacture, not low quality far eastern made.
dispached wrapped in cardboard.
These needles, like all sharp tools, need treating with care. They are not suitable for use by children without close supervision.

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